Firmaments and the Tempest Trilogy
Firmaments, the first book from the Tempest Trilogy, launched March 2024. At Norwestcon 2024, it made its debut, catching eyes with its striking medieval-style cover art. 
This is the first book of an epic Fantasy trilogy that Tasha has been crafting for quite some time. She came up with the story for Firmaments back in 2011, and had begun to tell it through means f a graphic novel series. She released the first volume of that series on Kickstarter, July 2020. Shortly after that time, she was hit with severe health concerns. 
Throughout an extremely devastating year-long process, Natasha lost he ability to swallow anything more than liquid food. And even her liquids are daily challenge, paired with chronic pain. This first year was, to say the least, catastrophic. But Natasha found solace in writing the Tempest trilogy. She took the unfinished graphic novel and turned it into a book. This book is not called Firmaments, and is the first part of her trilogy. The next two books she also wrote during that first yet, channelling all her passion, intensity and inspiration into the stories. 
These books take place in a world called Raqia. It is a world of symbolism and meaning, and one which bends the readers ideas of what might. be good or true or beautiful. Inspired by writers like Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, CS Lewis, Chesterton, MacDonald and so on; Natasha can't help but turn everything she sees and imagines into a fantasy. 
Who is Our King?
Who is Our King? is a new FatCat baby board book that will release in Fall of 2024. This is the first board book Tasha has illustrated, and she enjoyed the unique possibilities it offered. The book outlines, in one very simple poem, who Jesus is! 
Incidentally, Natasha tested out the art on the poem with her 2-year-old daughter, Eilidh. Eilidh instantly loved the animals, was very good and finding FatCat, and loved identifying who Jesus was on the page. An infant can see their God's incarnate state, starting out just like them---a baby---and maturing into a full grown man!
Morning and Evening Prayer
Natasha is currently finishing up Lexham Press' Morning and Evening Prayer book! 
This book is unique compared to the other FatCats so far. Rather than all taking place during the time of Jesus' incarnation, this book takes place in the modern day. It is a book providing both morning and evening prayer liturgy for the family! 
Morning prayer follows a multigenerational family in urban Korea, where Evening prayer follows a midwestern family, with a gentle rural setting. 
Screen Doors
Screen Doors is a book that Tasha is both Authoring and Illustrating. It belongs in a small series about wisdom for children and families around technology. Natasha uses allegory and imagery to explain to children how screens are like doors, taking us to other places, and allowing others to look inside our own homes. 
This book is about how to establish a strong sense of home and identity within the family, and how then to properly steward our technology when we use it to access the outside world. 
Natasha is in the process of selecting a publisher for this book.  
Castling is the title for the second book in the Tempest Trilogy. After Firmaments, Tasha was inspired to write a political intrigue. This book grew and grew, and became the perfect middle book for her epic trilogy. The storylines can feel quite dark, but Natasha wrote this while battling pain and starvation, and she wanted her writing to reflect the depth of her trials to that the hope could reflect the true hope she felt. 
Not unlike Firmaments, Castling follows the paths of five main characters, each who develop the storyline with their own perspective. Unlike Firmaments, these stories are much more intertwined, and the entire book takes place mostly in one area. 
Natasha likes to call Castling her "Empire Strikes Back" in that it is the perfect adventure, perfect environment for her characters to shine, and the perfect Segway into the ultimate climax that is the third book. 
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