Natasha Kennedy is an author and illustrator based in the Seattle area, where she lives with her husband Lindsay, her four children, and her two cats. 
      Natasha has found writing and drawing to be both therapeutic and life-giving as she battles through her life-long debilitating connective tissue disease. Dealing with chronic pain, and the sudden loss of the ability to eat food, Natasha has developed a passion to find beauty amidst her world of pain, and transform it into narrative.  Natasha is currently starting up a non-profit to care for carers and children who are marginalised due to health issues in the home. She is passionate about caring for those who are suffering like she is, and providing them with care and community that can enable them to thrive. 
      Natasha works as a freelance illustrator for Lexham Press, and has been instrumental in launching and illustrating their children's imprint: FatCat Books for All God's  Children. She has also written and illustrated some of her own children's books in a series called Where I Go When I Sleep, published with Varida P&R. 
     Natasha is currently writing and releasing an epic fantasy series with Varida P&R called The Tempest Trilogy. Book one: Firmaments, released March 2024, and will soon be followed by the next two books in the trilogy. For this series, Natasha has enjoyed creating a world based on the Ancient Near Eastern Cosmos. She is continually writing books in this series. Once the first trilogy has been released, Natasha plans on a rapid release of eight smaller books, in a series called A Series of Frigid Fragments
     As well as her fiction, Natasha has been signed to write a non-fiction book called By Bread Alone with Lexham Press about her experience losing the ability to eat, and how it grew her faith. 
     Natasha has also enjoyed working with other kinds of media to merge her love of artwork and writing. In 2018, Natasha released a colouring book narrative based on the story of Thumbelina, called Maia of the Forest. In 2012, Natasha also released a satyrical graphic novel called Reklas Abandon.

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